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Free Fiestaware!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I was cleaning out a hard to reach corner of a kitchen cabinet at our lake cabin, and look what I found!  A cute Fiestaware sugar and creamer set!  I have always wanted to collect Fiestaware because the colors are so much fun.  If any of y'all know anything about Fiestaware and want to share with me anything about my "find" I would greatly appreciate it! I was so excited because I rarely find anything this cool at flea markets.


Linking to Today's Thrifty Treasures @ Southern Hospitality.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Don't know a thing but I agree they are cute and I love all the colors you can get.

  2. It looks great! I don't know any details about Fiestaware, but I know that you found one beautiful piece! I love the sign too!

    Have a great week.

  3. Hello my friend! The colors of your Fiestaware are so alive. I love the two that comes in my favorite color blue! :)

  4. What a great find and in such a pretty colour. You might have a look around on this blog as I know she collects Fiesta Ware and might know something about the one you found.

  5. That teapot is very, very sweet!! Hope you had a good day yourself. Much love, Linda

  6. Oh Ricki Sweetie...
    I don't know a thing about Fiestaware, but I sure love the color. It is SO happy looking, and I love blues and reds. Google it and see what comes up sweet friend. I google just about everything.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday and were surrounded by family and friends. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  7. That is an awesome find! Love the color--and free is always the bestest. Have a great week. Patty

  8. That's a beautiful photo. I don't collect Fiestaware, but it's tempting. Your creamer and sugar bowl brought back memories of my mother's set, only her's was purple! Fiestaware certainly was aptly named.

  9. I don't know much about Fiestaware other than people like to collect it. Fiesta offers such beautiful colors. I know Etsy and Ebay only have few pieces for sale.

  10. Ricki how cool was that, kinda like finding the "prize" egg,only better.
    Lazy on Loblolly

  11. Hi Ricki, love those pieces!

  12. I love fiesta ware! All I know is that there is the antique kind, and a new kind. I don't know the difference, because they are all awesome!!

  13. Cute pieces! They look to be "new" fiesta, which was made post-1986. They had a light blue in that line. We collect vintage fiesta. Vintage fiesta had a turquoise color, but different than this one. Also, vintage fiesta creamers have a handle that is more of a closed "O", instead of the "open" handle shown there.

    Sometimes, people make reproductions of both vintage and new fiesta, unfortunately. I couldn't tell if this was real "new" fiesta unless I saw the color in person (on computer screens, colors look different), felt it, and looked at the ring markings, etc.

    So I can't say 100% sure that it's new fiesta, but it probably is. I can say that it's probably not "old" fiesta though. Again, seeing it in person is how I can tell. Clear as mud, lol? Cute finds though, esp for a flea market! Love that orange drink sign in the back. I love vintage signs, too.

  14. How fun! I love the pretty color and this brand, too! But I don't know that much about it! I would probably google search it! Hugs! ♥

  15. Pretty treasures and post,thank you for sharing.

  16. Well, now that is a thrifty find. You can't beat Free!! Thanks for linking up.

  17. Love the color! Candy at Little Round Table is a collector . She uses it in most of her tablescapes. I am sure she could help. She helped identiy a French piece my neighbor gave me!
    Love finding NEW things! :)

  18. That's a lucky find! I Love Fiestaware, although I only have a sugar & creamer.

  19. It looks like Periwinkle. It is a retired color. I have using and collecting Fiesta for 10 years.

  20. Ricki -

    I think you are one lucky lady, finding this little set stashed away. :-) It is contemporary Fiesta in Periwinkle. A page from the Homer Laughlin website will give you some images of the various shapes available. You have the individual cream and individual covered sugar in your newly started collection!

    Check out:



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