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Antiquing Failure

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yesterday I decided to go antiquing.  I did not have any luck.  Nope!  I did see a very pretty vintage 1940's tablecloth with huge yellow and orange cabbage roses, but it was $45, and I thought it was too expensive.  But I have never seen roses on a tablecloth that particular shade of orange, so I almost have remorse that I did not buy it.  I might try later next week and see if the vendor will come down on the price.  Do you think $45 is too high?

Because I was sad I was going home empty-handed, I stopped by a cute garden shop and bought some primroses for our coffee table.  I thought they would be fun until I decorate for St. Patrick's Day with Bells of Ireland and shamrocks.  Plus, primroses are harbingers of spring, and I cannot wait until spring gardening!


Tomorrow is a very special day because I will be posting my 100th post!  I will also announce a very nice giveaway, so read my blog tomorrow!

I am linking-up to Fishtail Cottage's Flora Thursday.  I can't wait to start gardening and planting, but it is still a little too soon here in Central Alabama. What will you be planting in your garden this spring?

I am also linking-up to Chris's Linky Party at Us and Them.  Your post that you link can be about anything...kind of like a "come as you are" party.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Ricki,no luck with the antiqueing but you sure lucked up with these beauties, sooo lovely, you are springing into action too.
    ps, yes $45. sounds high to me also, maybe you can go back and get a discount,good luck friend.

  2. Oh and tomorrow, tomorrow #100,yippee! I'll be back.

  3. Antiquing is always hit or miss. Better luck next week.
    Love the primroses they are beautiful! Makes me want to go buy some flowers for my coffee table! Yippee for 100 posts, that's so exciting, can't wait!

  4. What a pretty planter. Regarding your purchase...if it is unique, in good shape and you LOVE it...go back and get it!
    100 Ricki!!!

  5. You should come here to the antique shops that are everywhere! I stopped by Home Depot the other day and saw primroses, too. Yours look beautiful! Plants and flowers are so cheery.
    We had another 5 inches of snow two days ago...soon the ground with thaw out.

  6. Your primroses are so pretty! Good luck on the tablecloth. I hope he's come down in price by next week--if you're still wanting it. :)

    Congrats on your almost 100th post!

  7. I just love your flower pot. It is so pretty. Funny that you mention Bells of Ireland. I usually plant them each year, but forgot to buy the seeds. I must remember next year. I just love them. Good luck on the tablecloth, 45 is too much and maybe he will go done. I have found out that if you want something bad enough, it might just be good to buy it if you can or you will always wished you did.

  8. Hi Ricki Jill - Glad you joined this linky party too! The flower box on your tabletop is beautiful and also the flowers you got of course. Yes, go back and ask if you can get a better price for the tablecloth, I always ask, it never hurts to ask. Congrats on your 100th post...already? Wow, time flies in blogland!

  9. With any luck, the vendor will give you a discount on the tablecloth. (I always hate when I don't buy something then later regret it.)

    Congrats on the 100th post!

  10. You know I don't Know English very well,so I prefere tell you something in my language...I think you are a "bella persona" ..and I wish I can read 200,300.....1000...yours posts..superhugs.Annalisa

  11. hi, i love your primeroses! i bought this morning the same flowerplants for outside, they are calling primula's in holland! nice that you have tomorrow your 100 post.


  12. I think you have a lovely blog. I love that you're reviewing all these books for me and giving me lots of new selections to look for. Thank you. And I'll be back!

  13. Primrose is a wonderful flower to make you feel better. I know how I don't like to come home empty handed too! I need my antique fix!
    Very lovely post. I'm your newest follower as I have to see what you get when you come home with a windfall!

  14. So sweet!! And congrats on your 100th post.

  15. Thanks for linking up hun! Hope you come back again next week! Chris


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