Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Things Are Beginning to Slow Down! {Yay!}

I am so happy that a very busy October and November are behind us (well….almost….)
We have had a very busy horse show season, and Shelley has been working hard in school, at the barn, and attending confirmation classes.  She was confirmed yesterday at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, and we are so proud of her.

 photo fdb988fc-cd8b-4f66-8ed4-e21de59755e2.jpg

 photo 623f438b-bf64-45b1-9460-c92984bda493.jpg

Finlay the Dirty Dog is enjoying another horse show.

I thought I'd write a complete the sentence post to update you on my life.  ;P

I have been painting:

 photo 676de574-1c46-48ed-8c81-5f8cc8a2ecb9.jpg

"Chippy Blue"
8" X 16"
Oil on canvas

I have been planning:

Thanksgiving dinner (I'm hosting).

 photo 3e8db2c9-6e5b-4075-99ea-e0c7ea4581af.jpg

 photo 36347805-c1d4-4654-b70b-029c6120dbed.jpg

Breakfast room table in the process of being set for a pre-Thanksgiving (Wednesday evening) dinner

 photo 37c2d269-d37a-46c2-bde9-f50d386bb5eb.jpg

 photo be94d81e-43dd-4cd7-aeeb-1e16b74af38c.jpg

Dining room table in process

 photo 777b3c20-0351-4cc9-844f-d86c60956b0c.jpg

I have been reading:

First in the series

Fourth in the series

I have been watching:

No TV….But I did see:

It.  Was.  *excellent*

I have been listening to:

NPR.  Not much music lately….

I have been teaching:

Mostly geometry and Français lately.

Where we went for Fall Break:

Seaside, Florida.  Here are some highlights:

 photo 85958e1a-1cf1-4cd2-bf77-07a8fdce7784.jpg

 photo 6402f087-3a62-4234-bddd-0b3c915f092e.jpg

We stayed in a wonderful townhouse in the Ruskin Place Artist Colony.

 photo 9347c9d4-aafb-41fd-af35-75ff16c37e75.jpg

The kids eating lunch

 photo 1524615c-16e9-4af3-bb5c-2468d8917291.jpg

It was monarch butterfly migration time!

 photo 79807b4a-642a-436d-a790-cebb84c9ffc4.jpg

Lovely rustic centerpiece from a party

What I'll be doing on Black Friday:

Taking down the Thanksgiving decor and decorating for Christmas!

My latest passion:

Art journaling!  More on this later….

I'd better get back to my cooking.  I hope y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving!  

Until next time...

Ricki Jill