Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Plans


Please note that I wrote this post yesterday before knowing the magnitude of the tornado devastation here in Alabama.  If this post seems frivolous to you, please forgive me.

I am ready to wake up early and celebrate the royal wedding.  I am so excited!  I have the coffee table set for tea.


The tea towel is Belgian, the napkins are Jacquard Francais "Orleans," the napkin rings are our first wedding gift, the crystal vase is Waterford, and the china is Wedgwood's "Amherst."



I will be serving Taylors of Harrogate's Scottish Breakfast tea in honor of St. Andrew's College (where William and Kate met) and plain scones.  Only one daughter will be joining me, so I only have two places set.

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity posted about Prince William's groom's cake. The girls and I made it today.  You can view Grace's post here.

*I am currently stitching the Royal Wedding sampler pictured at the top of this post. It was designed by Beth Russell, and you can order it here.  The orange blossoms represent eternal love and fruitfulness, and the forget-me-nots represent remembrance and true love.*

What are your plans for the Royal Wedding?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. What a lovely tea table you have set and I just know it will be making great memories with your daughter. I'm glad you made the Groom's cake - not only is it yummy, but it makes you feel very connected to the wedding to be eating the same cake they will be eating. Enjoy!

  2. Your breakfast tea looks beautiful and the cake is awesome. My oldest daughter(35)and her friends are meeting at my house tomorrow afternoon. We are on PST and will have to DVR the wedding. We both work and can't get home until 3pm so we are waiting until then to watch it with our girlfriends and have our own afternoon tea. Can't wait. It will be so tempting all day to try and watch it on yahoo while at work.

  3. Excited about it! Hope you enjoy the wedding and your tea! :)

  4. No one who knows you would ever think you are anything other than a very sweet & kind-hearted lady. I think it's alway nice to lighten the mood when there is such dark gloominess hovering. Your post is very nice. I doubt I would be watching except that I am still sick & it will at least be interesting and historical.

  5. This is such a pretty tea, Ricki Jill! I love that china pattern. It looks perfect!

    I will probably be up very early to catch the ceremony part. The rest I can see on the news!


  6. I love how you have everything set up for the wedding. Everything looks perfectly regal! Enjoy!

  7. I am excited too. I will be getting up and after getting Hubby off to work I will sit down with my cup of Chamomile tea and enjoy watching the wedding with candles lit.

  8. Hello my friend!

    I love the tea towel. It's very seldom I see something like that used in tea and plates.

    Have faith, keep praying and take care my friend. I'm praying for your safety too.

  9. Just beautiful Ricki! Hope you all have fun! I am so glad to hear and see you all are okay.

  10. A beautiful wedding tea fit for a Princess, Ricki.
    The wedding and all the pomp and circumstance made me even more proud to be a Brit!
    3 cheers for the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.
    Glad to know that you are safe after the devastating tornadoes.

  11. The wedding was beautiful this morning. Kate had a gorgeous dress and she was a beautiful bride. I think that the Prince should have planted one on Kate instead of the little smack. That would have caused a little stir to the Queen though.


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