Thursday, July 4, 2013

Books 'n' Bloggers Swap Reveal

I was so happy to receive the best books from my Books 'n' Bloggers Swap partner, Mia.  Mia writes a super-cute blog called The Chronicles of Chaos. I hope you'll visit her!

Here's what Mia sent me:

Three delightful books...

...and this pretty card explaining her selections!

1.  Book Mia has read and loved: 
"The Fourth Fisherman by Joe Kissack really moved me and I hope it speaks to you as well.  Whatever your religious beliefs are--some things can only be explained by God."

I'm a Christian, so I'm sure I'll love this one!  It's comforting to see how something tragic can work for good in someone else's life.

2.  Book Mia wants to read:
"I have heard so many great things about this book, and it's on my To-Read List.  You'll have to let me know how you like it!"

I sure will let you know, Mia.  It looks fantastic, and I enjoy reading memoirs. 

3.  A book I want to read
"This sounded so interesting!  I love a good love story!  And I also love "period" fiction."

Diana Norman also wrote as Ariana Franklin.  Sadly she passed away a couple of years ago, and she wrote my favorite series, The Mistress of the Art of Death.  I squealed when I saw this book in my stack!

Thanks so much, Mia!  You are the *best* swap partner.  Thanks also to our sweet hostesses, Beth and Miss Angie!

Until next time...

Happy reading!
Ricki Jill

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  1. Oh how fun, swapping books. Blog land is amazing, isn't it! I've gotta get reading. It just never grabbed me but I want it to so badly...

  2. great set of books happy reading

  3. Thanks so much, Ricki, it was great being your partner! :) I promise to get my post up tonight. Hope you had a nice holiday! xo

  4. i just finished The Glass Castle. I loved it! It is sad, but I find it amazing that the human spirit can rise above and become something more. I bet you'll like it. So much of it takes place in Phoenix too. I looked up a lot of the landmarks that she mentions. FUN!


  5. Oh, I hope you love A Catch of Consequence! I did. :)
    What a great selection...Mia is a fantastic swapper, with great taste in books!
    Thanks for joining us for the swap, too! :D

  6. Wow looks good Ricki, you'll have to do a post on these once you've read them

  7. Those all look good! She did a great job, they all seem to be to your taste!


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